To Change Or Not To Change Locks When Getting A Divorce

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This is one of the most common questions most couples who are getting a divorce ask themselves – or their lawyers. If you have unfortunately gotten to the point when you simply cannot make your marriage work no matter how hard both of you would try, separation is the next logical step. And it can be quite a consuming, heartbreaking, emotional step and stage into the life of any couple. When children get caught in the middle, things are even tougher to deal with. But putting the psychological impact of a divorce aside, for the time being, the more palpable aspects remain. For example, should one of the spouses change the locks on the house during the divorce? This is usually a question that raises when things start to get rough and the two parties involved in the divorce can no longer get along well. Or when one of them feels under threat by the other. All too common occurrences, unfortunately.

When Can You Change Locks During A Divorce?

  • When two people are married, they both have equal rights to all marital asset. That is until the Court decided otherwise. This happens no matter these assets are only titled in the husband's or wife's name, or jointly.

  • ask them to drop by and change the locks on your home. These people are trained to do it, and you can schedule an appointment at a time that is most convenient cheap car locksmith price  and affordable home rates and In other words, either of the spouses is entitled to change the locks on the shared house or apartment. And they also have the right to force the other one out. Nonetheless, the displaced spouse may try to force their way back in. picture it like a cat and dog game. The spouse trying to make their way back in will however not be arrested for trying to break into their own home. But trying to lock your spouse out might not be the wisest idea you could come up with. Sure you can call a locksmith in town who offers you For instance when your soon to be ex spouse is away to work. This way, they will not interfere with the lock changing process and cause a commotion. But this might still happen when it is time for them to return home, only to notice their regular key no longer fits the lock on the front door.

  • Their raised emotions will escalate, and this will happen rather quickly. No one wants any more fighting emotional draining to occur. So changing locks with be a bad idea. It may also not sit well with the judge either. The Court will have to determine who has temporary possession of the home. When this is established, the respective spouse can and should change all locks to keep the other spouse off the property. Security codes on home alarms should also be changed for similar reasons. A copy of the Temporary Order should be handed out the the locksmiths or security company called to do the necessary change.