Scientific Connections Between Social Relationship & Human Growth

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All over the course of our life we are, willing or not willing, immersed in a social environment, made of school mates when at school, college mates, home neighbors and finally workplace colleagues. In between there are more types of social relationships, such as private life relationship, friends and family members.

So, as you can see, it’s pretty hard to avoid to have some form of contact to other people, especially in our epoch which is marked by the presence of many social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn and more that are focused on social relationships.

Role Of Social Relationship

Here the question rises by itself – why are social relationships so important?

This scientific study conducted by M. C. Pachucki (who is assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Computational Social Science Institute at the University of Massachusetts) offers a very clear key to answer such a complex question. We can resume here the main content into a few basic points:

–          During childhood and teenage social relationship represent a formative stage of life and personal growth. Kids learn how to behave in several different situations and they also learn about the the way their actions impact on other people

–          During adult life social relationships become fundamental for finding a partner and beginning a family life. This type of social relationship is very different and complex at a time

–          On the workplace social relationships are important as they allow the employees to work along and connect their own job tasks with the colleagues. Even the smaller firm needs a certain “team spirit” to work positively  

–          Social relationships (both friendships and love partnerships) help individuals avoid depression and sad feelings

–          People who have a rich social life have a higher self-esteem than people who choose to stay apart

The overall results of the study suggest that more social relationships help avoid psychological troubles and even cardiovascular diseases.  

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