Home Safety Secrets To Living Alone After A Breakup

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Going through a breakup is never easy. The psychological impact is often times overwhelming and difficult to anticipate and cope with. Living by yourself again after a long time can also be quite challenging as a single woman. One of the main fears you might have as a woman living by yourself is directly tied to your safety inside your home. And you may wonder what it is that you can do to feel safer inside your crib. Here are a few ideas on how to increase the level of safety inside your home, while gaining more peace of mind every time you have to lock the door behind you.

Pick A Safe Home To Cut The Risks

  • Assuming you have been living with your boyfriend, fiance, or husband, and you are now forced to move out of the place you used to share, you should choose a safe apartment or a house. It should give you a few clear advantages in terms of reducing danger.

  • Do as much research on the area you are getting ready to move into. Find out what is the crime rate in the neighborhood. Know which are the most dangerous cities to live in, if you plan to relocate altogether.

  • Inspect the existence of fire escapes and exit doors in the property you are about to move into. Make sure they are not blocked.

  • Find reviews, read forums, ask around. You will this way manage to significantly cut or at least effectively prevent some security issues.

Make A Security Checklist

  • Write down the most essential precautions for the area inside and outside your new home.

  • Give details on how you should secure your front and back doors, windows, garage door and include other similar details.

  • Ask for guidance and advice from friends or relatives who also live alone, or get a local locksmith service to help you out. These people surround themselves with locks and alarm systems, and they know all the ins and outs of pretty much any lock or security system on the market. They can tell you which locks are most vulnerable in the hands of burglars, and which will provide you with the highest level of safety.

  • You my not know how to personally arm an advanced alarm system f your boyfriend used to handle that every evening. Or you may need help reprogramming your alarm code or changing the access codes for your smart lock on the front door, provided you will continue to live in the home you used to share.

  • It id highly advisable to buy and install home security cameras. Since close to 9 percent of burglars will stay away from a home with a visible surveillance camera system in place, it is easy to see why. You can use these cameras on both the inside and the outside of your property.

  • Change any old and worn out locks you may have; have an authorized locksmith replace them with deadbolt locks or even consider using smart locks for extra safety.