Divorce Corner: Can I Change The Locks On The House?

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You've finally managed to save enough money and get that bank loan you have been struggling to get for a while now – and your dream home is readily built and Home locksmith serviceswaiting for you to move in! Before you start putting all those Pinterest home design ideas into practice, it is mandatory that you concern yourself with the right security measures for your new home. Making a home safer is not that complicated, but it does require doing something more than simply locking doors and looking through peepholes. Here are a few useful ideas on how to reinforce security on your new home within the next few lines. And if you are still looking for help with your construction, we warmly invite you to take a look at our services and see what we can do for you.

Consider Re-keying Locks On The Front Door

  • While your house might be brand new, and you may feel pretty content with the locks you have chosen, there are various types of problems that could arise.

  • For instance, just think of the number of people who have gained access to your spare keys while painting your walls or installing your kitchen countertops. While you may have been carefully about the persons you've chosen to hire, you can never truly know for sure how trustworthy these people are.

  • So it might be useful to consider the idea of hiring a locksmith who can re-key your lock or complete fresh door lock installation in no time. For example, experienced locksmiths like the guys at Locksmiths Pros will help you make the right call, depending on the type of lock and its level of security they will discover on the premises. Maybe you never truly paid any attention to the kind of lock you would have installed on your front door to begin with, as you never thought of the risks your new home will be subject to. Maybe the decision was made by your builder or carpenter. Or your limited budget was the one that ultimately dictated your purchase choice. Either way, you should have an authorized locksmith for homes take a look into the matter and advise you on the wisest solution.

  • They will also inspect your door and discover any potential flaws or weaknesses that might not be visible to you. If you have opted for a hardwood or steel door, kudos for you! You have made a good choice, as these doors tend to be more sturdy and resistant when dealing with burglars. If you have a hollow core door, you may need to install a heavy-duty deadbolt strike plate with four screws. You can opt for a door reinforcement kit and have it personally installed, or set up an appointment with a residential locksmith. They will provide a certified locksmith price list that will give you choices and price ranges for what you're looking for.

  • Deadbolt locks or cylinder locks are some the most popular types of locks most homeowners choose to install, due to their reliability. But you can also consider replacing your original metal lock with an electronic one you will be able to control with the help of your smartphone from a distance.

  • While you may not be ready to turn your home into a smart one just yet, you can still add elements like smart locks and alarm systems to considerably enhance security on it.

  • Consider using timers to create the impression your home is occupied when you are not home. Pay close attention to your windows and sliding glass doors. Use dowels or sensor alarms for windows and receive text notifications letting you know when a window opens.